MALENA - Catarina Gutierrez

Catarina Gutierrez

Raised in El Paso, Catarina has always loved singing and acting. She has some singles out, two Spanish and two English. You can hear more of her at her website. Currently, she is enrolled at UTEP with a major in Theatre Performance. Her hobbies include boxing, swimming, drawing, and being a devoted mother to her pug. 

ANA - Daniela de Reyes

Daniela De Reyes

Daniela has performed at the El Paso Playhouse and the Chamizal National Memorial Theater. When she’s not onstage she’s busy with her family business, and embracing her most important roles of being a wife and mother. IG: daniela.zuko 

EMMA - Leslie Lanier

Leslie Lanier

Leslie has performed her entire life as an actress and model, and studied musical theater at Pace University.  She moved to El Paso six years ago and has been actively involved in the arts community ever since.  She is the CEO of her own company, Luna Soleil Studios.  IG: lesliedlanier

JUANA DOE - Brisa Meza

Brisa Meza

Desde pequeña, Brisa le llamaba la atencion del cine, y a los 17 finalmente comenzo en la actuacion. Comenzo en producciones cantando, actuando y bailando. De hobbies, monta caballo, es escaramuza, charra y tambien estuvo dentro la equitacion y el horseball.

SHERIFF - Sherrie Prose

Sherrie Prose

Sherrie grew up in MN and graduated from St. Cloud State with a double major in Spanish and Latin American Studies. After moving around she finally settled in El Paso, TX to teach. While teaching and raising 4 kids, she mastered in both Criminal Law and Education. After 25 years of teaching, she is now pursuing a career as an actress. 

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